Sunday, December 25, 2016

Large Baling Machine in Recycling

Large baler or large baling machine becomes more and more popular nowadays as it is more efficient and saves a lot of human cost. Vertical large baler can be tire baler or some other large capacity balers. While most of large baling machines are horizontal balers. Fully automatic baler is the top of these large baling machine. View more details at

Animal Bedding Baler

Animal bedding materials are all loose materials. Animal bedding baler can help to compress them into tight bale for easy transportation and storage. Both vertical animal bedding baling machine and horizontal animal bedding baling machine are available in SINOBALER. View more details at

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Tire Baler Price, Usage and Availability

Tire baler or tyre baling press machine is quite helpful in tire scrap recycling as it saves a lot in space. Normally tire baler is a heavy duty baling machine which should make sure the high rebounded materials tires can be baled tightly. So be careful about the tire baler quality as it is not an easy baling machine that every manufacturer can produce. Please make sure you find a professional and experienced baler manufacturer. View more details at

Recycle Rubber with a Rubber Baler

Rubber scrap should be recycled in a better way as it can have much more good usage. Shredding these rubber scrap by a rubber shredder and then bale them by rubber baler. View more details at

Scrap Cardboard Baling Machine

Scrap cardboard waste is quite common in our daily life especially with the development of online purchase transactions. How to deal with these cardboard waste? Scrap cardboard baling machine is a good and necessary solution in whole cardboard recycling. Do you know the benefits of using a cardboard baler? SINOBALER shares our ideas with you here. View more details at

Experience the Benefits of Biomass Baler

Biomass collection and recycling has a big headache which the storage and transportation. Biomass baler can solve your problem by compress biomass into square bale. View more details at

Getting Benefits from Bagasse with Bagasse Baler

Bagasse waste can be recycled and used in a more efficient way. Use a bagasse baler to start your bagasse waste recycling. View more details at

Monday, December 19, 2016

Waste balers – a boon for waste management industry

Waste balers are ideal baling solution for all kinds of waste materials incl textile, paper, cardboard, plastic bottles, plant fiber, wood shavings, tires, sawdust, animal fiber, hay and straw etc. View more details at

Automatic Single Ram Baler vs Automatic Twin Ram Baler

Automatic single ram baler is the most common automatic baling machine in waste recycling world. But how does automatic twin ram baler work? What is the difference between automatic single ram baler and automatic twin ram baler? SINOBALER manufactures both automatic horizontal balers and we are pleasure to share our experience here. View more details at

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Fully Automatic Horizontal Balers For Sale

Fully automatic baler is the ideal baling solution for big amount of waste materials compacting purpose. SINOBALER has two type of fully automatic horizontal balers for sale. Plastic strapping or steel wire tying is optional. Much wide application and low maintenance baler structure. View more details at

Baler for Sale in SINOBALER

Here is the complete list of balers for sale in Sinobaler. View more details at

Reasons To Use Cardboard Baler

Cardboard packaging is quite common. How to deal with these large amount of cardboard waste? Cardboard baler becomes more and more important and popular in cardboard recycling. SINOBALER shares some reasons to use cardboard baler. View more details at

Industrial Wiping Rag Baling Machine

Industrial wiping rags are usually sold by specialized wiper suppliers in compressed bales with each bale ranging from 1kg up to 25kg, and bale size from 210 x 145 x 100mm to 600 x 450 x 250mm. The benefits of baling industrial wiping rags are multifold, such as saving storage space and transportation cost. View more details at

Flax Shavings Baler in Flax Shavings Recycling

Flax bedding is dust fee and several times more absorbent than the common bedding materials such as wood shavings, sawdust, straw, hay, pine shavings, etc. SINOBALER baling and bagging balers are ideal to compress flax shavings or hemp hurds into tight bale for easy transportation. View more details at

Baler Related Common Terms

There are many specific terms that the baler suppliers and machine users or buyers will use. Here is a list of some baler related common terms we are using and hope this glossary is helpful to you if you are new to the baling machine. View more details at

TMR Feed Baler

TMR feed is loose material in very small pieces so it will be a headache to handle and transport in its original form. Sinobaler has three type of baling and bagging balers which are just designed to compress such kind of loose and small materials into dense and rectangle uniform bales, and then automatically eject the compressed bale into the plastic bag which is pre-set on the bale exit chute. View more details at

Recycle Mattress With a Mattress Baler

Why should mattress be recycled? Why you need a mattress baler in mattress recycling? Most mattress recycling facilities utilizes industrial mattress balers to compress recovered foam, cotton, fabric, metal springs into dense and regular shaped bales in order to save space in recycling facility as well as to provide transport efficiency & bring down transportation cost. View more details at

Tetra Pak Baler in Tetra Pak Recycling

Sinobaler Long Stroke Baler features liquid drainage channel which can drain the residual liquid out of the baler to keep your recycling area clean. This baler is ideal to compact tetra pak into dense bales. View more details at

Water Cooling System Baler vs Air Cooling System Baler

Why we need a water cooling system baler or air cooling system baler? What is the difference between water cooling system baler or air cooling system baler? How to choose a water cooling system baler or air cooling system baler? SINOBALER has your answer here at