Thursday, August 18, 2016

Waste Compactor and Waste Baler Difference

Sometimes they regard waste compactor and waste baler as same one because both of them have the compressing process to reduce the volume of materials and save transportation cost. But what is the difference between waste compactor and waste baler? A very simple and direct solution to know whether you need a waste compactor or a waste baler, is to see whether the material is recyclable. View more details at

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Single Ram Baler vs Two Ram Baler

What is single ram baler and two ram baler? How to choose single ram baler or two ram baler? See popular single ram balers and two ram balers in SINOBALER.

380V Baler or 415V Baler, Which Power Supply You Decide

How to choose power supply when buying a new baler? Will the new baler price be different for different power supply? How is the new baler delivery time for different power supply? What power supply details should be provided when purchasing a new baler? View more details at