Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Trim Waste Recycling System

If you are a corrugated board/box production factory, you must be facing with lot of trimming waste generated by your production line. How to turn these waste into cash? SINOBALER can provide a turnkey waste recovery solution for you.

The first thing to do is to collect all the trimming waste from various locations. Usually for a corrugated board/box production factory, there are corrugator, slotters and die cutting machines. For the corrugator, the trim waste are collected through two funnels placed underneath the trim generating points on each side of the corrugator. These two funnels are connected through flexible hoses with a chopper fan. The long strip trimming waste is sucked into the hoses and got shredded into smaller pieces by the chopper fan and then further conveyed via duct to cyclone separator.

As for the scrap material produced by slotters and die cutting machines, a conveyor is used to firstly convey the scrap to one side of the machine. A chopper fan is then placed at the conveyor’s conveying end and capture the scrap material and further convey them to cyclone through air pipes/ducts.

Besides the above two waste types, there also some reject corrugated board/sheets. For this type scrap, a shredder is used to destroy the whole piece into small pieces which are then further sucked in by fan and transported to cyclone.

Now all the wastes are conveyed to cyclone. Inside the cyclone, the air and the scrap material will got separated under gravity with the air evacuate from the top opening of the cyclone and meanwhile the scrap material fall into the baling machine’s compressing chamber. The baler will start baling process automatically once the hopper is filled up with scrap. SINOBALER provides different models of balers for user's options, and the choice of baler is pretty much decided by the volume of waste being generated in your factory.

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