Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Things to keep in mind on how to choose a right baler

When going through the process of choosing the right baler for your business, here are a few pointers:

Safety First
It is important to consider baler safety features when you choose the right baler for your application. Ask the following questions to your baler manufacturer firstly:
Does the manufacturer provide additional warranty or guarantee production values?
Is training service provided for operators and maintenance personnel after installation?
Is the machine with clear safety warning marks?
Are all the rotation parts protected with safety equipments?
Will the machine be shipped via seaworthy package for safety transportation?

Be sure that the manufacturer provides you the baler which is simple and safe to operate.

Weather conditions
Where will you run the baler? Inside the warehouse or in the open air where is without any protection to keep away from rainwater? If it is the former, you still need to consider the affect will be caused by the maximum temperature during summer. The hydraulic system is especially sensitive to the high temperature. So you should always keep in mind that the high quality cooling system is extremely important to keep baler running at peak performance under hot weather.

While if you run the baler outdoors without any cover, make sure the components are with higher IP grade, especially the important hydraulic and electrical parts, such as the motor, pump, field terminal assembly, etc.

Energy consumption
Environmental protection and energy conservation are the theme of the world today. The baler now is playing an important role in waste recycling area. It takes its responsibility for the global environmental protection like all other recycling equipments. At the same time, energy consumption issue is also getting more and more attention. So when you choose a baler, don’t forget to find out the optimal power you want your baler to be.

When you choose a baler, you need to know how much space you can provide for it. Usually, vertical balers are good choice to run in supermarkets, grocery stores, department stores, pharmacies, small factories, vessels, offices, etc. While for the big recycling plants, distribution centers, etc, horizontal balers are more suitable for pressing large volume waste.

Investment and Return on Investment
The most important and ultimate aim to use the machine instead of human today is to improve work capacity and get max return on investment. Saving labor cost means you get disguised return on investment directly. While maximizing throughput speeds up the process to get return on investment. When you decide to recycle large volume waste, a fully automatic horizontal baler is an ideal choice for you to get return on investment in a shorter time than vertical type, it does great job in both saving labor cost and maximize the throughput rate. Its fully automatic tying system, PLC control, automatic material feeding system, etc, all of these make it outstanding among all baler types. While for small factories and departments, etc where they need to handle the daily waste, vertical balers are more worth of investment to your business.

Baled Material's Characteristics
The characteristics of the materials to be baled also plays an important role in determining the size and type of baler to purchase, such as expansion rate, retention rate, hollowness, density, dissipation, etc. Choosing a particular baler model, such as cardboard baler versus bottle baler, is largely based on the specific material that will be received and how it will be most efficiently processed.
While a cardboard baler lends itself better to baling paper products such as OCC, carton waste or printer’s waste, bottle baler works best on products such as plastic bottles or aluminum containers which with odd shapes, low compressibility or high memory retention.

A low maintenance cost is critical to selecting the latest baler in their processing operation. Low maintenance means no specialized or customized parts. A baler with standardized hydraulic and electrical components makes you find the local replacements conveniently. You can go into any hydraulic shop or electrical supply house and get parts for it when you do not want to call the manufacturer and have the replacements delivered by air next day.

If you have any questions or comments while choosing right baler, please remember SinoBaler is always ready for assistance.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Used Clothes Treating and Recycling


Nowadays, a large percentage of used clothes (especially the clothes are still in good condition) are sent to some African countries for people to wear. Thus a baling machine plays a very important role for facilitating this secondhand clothes business – without a baling machine, no dealer will go for this business as they will not make money due to the high cost of overseas transport. A proper baler can press the bulky clothes into very dense and neat bales that allow a 40ft container to load above 25 tons. Thus whether you have chosen a proper baling machine or not can decide your secondhand clothes business a success or a failure. When choosing a baler machine for used clothes, you have to consider mainly two aspects, one is that if the baler makes dense enough bale to optimize container loading and the other is that if the baler is efficient enough to handle your daily volume of clothes. Basically there are two types of such baler – one is a single chamber baler, and the other is two-chamber baler. The main difference between these two types is the productivity – as you can imagine, a twin chamber baler is more efficient because you can do material loading in one chamber while at the same time the other chamber is doing the baling job. So if you require high efficiency, you can consider the twin chamber. However if your budget is quite limited and that you do not require high efficiency, single chamber baler is a proper choice for you.

Among the suppliers of baling machine, SINOBALER is the top one for supplying such clothes balers – their machine is well built and price is competitive. Single chamber clothes baler from SINOBALER is designed with lifting chamber, very easy and convenient to operate. Such design baler is at least 40% more efficient than usual four-door opening baler. Based on your desired bale weight, you can choose different models to fullfil you need. e.g. Sinobaler model SVBT2-L1-300 is perfect for making 45-50kgs bales; Sinobaler model SVBT2-L1-800 is for making 300-350kgs bales … All models of Sinobaler lifting chamber baler can ensure making very dense bales for loading above 25 tons per 40ft container. Twin chamber baler from SINOBALER is mainly for making 40-100kgs bales. The efficiency of a twin chamber baler is about 30-40% higher than the same pressure level of a lifting single chamber baler.

For the used clothes that are not in good condition, usually it will be further destroyed for raw material recycling. Also, some certain material will be cut into rags for selling.

You see, properly treating used clothes not only generates economic value but also helps people who cannot afford buying new clothes.

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