Thursday, November 26, 2009

What type of baling machine do you need?

While it may seem simple on the surface, choosing the right baling machine should be something that you give a certain amount of thought to. That’s because the right baling machine can definitely pay you back handsomely over the years.

The first choice you have is between the two main types of baling machine. You have horizontal balers, and vertical balers. They both perform the same general function (baling recyclable waste into a more manageable form), but suit different needs.

Your usage and the types of balers

Vertical balers are the smaller of the two, and are usually manually operated (even one person can usually operate a vertical baler). They are best suited for smaller businesses where waste is not overwhelming – small manufacturers, retail stores, supermarkets, textile manufacturers, or anywhere else there are smaller quantities of recyclable materials. Depending on the business, a typical vertical baler will be used maybe a few times a week, up to perhaps a few times a day.

sinobaler horizontal balers

Horizontal balers are the larger, more powerful of the two machines. Loaded from the top (usually via conveyor belt or forklift) these machines are capable of larger loads, faster compressing times, and denser compression. Since the feed is larger, and the output continuous (and automatic), they are ideal for larger quantities of recyclables and constant usage. Some can even reach an output that exceeds 60 tons an hour.
From the above, it’s pretty easy to see which type of baler will better suit your usage. If you can see it being used a few times a week or so, a vertical baler is probably what you should first look at. If it’s going to be running all day, check out a horizontal model.

What materials are you baling?

This is another consideration – just what are you looking to bale? Vertical balers are perfect for cardboard, UBC (used beverage containers), shrink wrap, paper, fabric, PET (polyethylene terephthalate), and similar. Horizontal baling machines can do all of those as well, and are perhaps better suited for harder materials as well, like metals and the like. Also, your “odd” shapes might be better suited for a horizontal baler, due to the ease of top loading.

Ask Questions

Still, the above is not set in stone. A vertical baler might be perfect for metals for one business, while another needs a horizontal baler for their cardboard. The best way to choose the best baler for your needs is to talk to a professional, preferably a company that manufactures all types of balers (the best companies can customize them as well to suit your needs). That way, you are certain to get the best baler for your business.

The proper baling machine can help increase your company’s recyclables revenue, and can produce a positive ROI within a fairly short timeframe. Sinobaler provides several exceptional models of
horizontal balers, vertical balers, and customized balers that will satisfy almost any baling requirement. Furthermore, we boast an impressive record of customer satisfaction and customer service, and stand ready to answer all of your questions. Visit us today at