Tuesday, November 22, 2016

L-type Two Ram Automatic Horizontal Baler

Two ram automatic horizontal baler is designed for baling many waste materials incl Cardboard (OCC), cartons, paper, shredded paper, newspaper, RDF, MSW, fiber, hay/straw, plastic film, hard plastic, PET bottles, HDPE containers, aluminum cans, steel cans, municipal waste, and other recovered materials. Either wire tying or plastic strapping is available. View more details at http://www.sinobaler.com/baler/l-type-two-ram-automatic-horizontal-baler/.

How to distinguish recyclable waste and unrecyclable waste

In most cities of China, we have two bins which are recyclable garbage bin and unrecyclable garbage bin. Before doing right action, we should answer the question first: how to distinguish recyclable waste and unrecyclable waste? Sinobaler shares our ideas with you at our blog. View more details at http://www.sinobaler.com/how-to-distinguish-recyclable-waste-and-unrecyclable-waste/.

Baler Installation Preparation

When you just purchased a new baler or have a decision to purchase one, baler installation preparation should be ready or known in advance. How to let new baler suits your current facility? Who will install your baler especially for large automatic baler? Which power should you choose for a new baler? Which tools should be ready for baler installation? SINOBALER shares some tips with you based on our rich installation experience all over the world. View more details at http://www.sinobaler.com/baler-installation-preparation/.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Hop baler

How to transport hops in an efficient way? SINOBALER hop balers can help. View more details at http://www.sinobaler.com/application/hop-baler-hops-baling/.

Car bumper baler

Vehicle bumper waste is increased more and more nowadays. How to recycle vehicle bumper in an efficient and cost saving way? SINOBALER vehicle bumper baler is very helpful in vehicle waste transportation. View more details at http://www.sinobaler.com/application/car-bumper-baler-vehicle-bumper-baler/.

Stockroom Baler

Stockroom baler also called warehouse baler, internal waste management baler or stock room compactor, refers to the small footprint balers applied in convenience stores, supermarket, office developments, hotels, hospitals, restaurants, department stores, drug stores and even vessels. Most stockroom balers are vertical balers for small footprint and low ceiling purpose. Stockroom baler greatly reduces waste handling cost and also save human cost as well. View more details at http://www.sinobaler.com/stockroom-baler/.

Cardboard Baler Factory Selection

Cardboard is the most recycled materials in the world and cardboard baler is widely used in cardboard recycling. How to select a good cardboard baler manufacturer or cardboard baler factory for your cardboard baling purpose? View more details at http://www.sinobaler.com/cardboard-baler-factory-selection/.