Monday, June 28, 2010

Textile Baler Machine, Clothes Baling Press, Sinobaler

Textile baler from Sinobaler is specially built to meet baling demands of the textile recycling industry. It is ideal for baling all types of

textile products such as second-hand clothing, towels, wiping rags and other textile waste.

Choose from our various models to meet your unique baling needs today.

Both series are designed for easy and quick wrapping and belting after baling.
Series 1: SVBT2-L1-300, SVBT2-L1-400, SVBT2-L1-500, SVBT2-L1-600

Series 2: SVBT2-F1-200, SVBT2-F1-400, SVBT2-F1-600

Customized Model: SVBT2-L1-400CA

New Models coming soon  Dual chamber textile balers with lifting door.


Thursday, June 17, 2010

Vertical Baling & Bagging Machine

Vertical baling & bagging machine is widely used for making uniformly-sized and well-packed bags of wood shavings, sawdust, chopped hay, chaff, rice hull, mineral cotton fiber and other similar loose materials. It is a must-have machine for pet food factories, animal bedding material factories, fiber processing workshops as well as farms which are in need of dense bagged bales.
Choose from our various models or contact us for a customized model to meet your baling demands today. 
Series 1: SVB2-WS-300

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Tyre baler machine, Tire baling machine

Tyre baler machine (tire baling machine) from Sinobaler is a heavy-duty vertical baler specializing in compacting used tyres to dense tyre bales, which is a comparatively new construction material used for road foundation, lightweight embankment fill, drainage layer, etc. We provide worldwide recyclers the optimal tyre balers for making standard-sized bales.

Choose from our various tyre baler models or contact us for a customized tyre baling solution for your needs today.

Available Models:
SVB2-TB-600 (press force 60T),
SVB2-TB-800 (
press force 80T),
SVB2-TB-1000 (press force 100T),
SVB2-TB-1200 (press force 120T)

Customized models are available for standard bale size required in different countries.
For more detail inforamtion click here - tyre baler machine, tire baling machine.

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