Monday, November 2, 2015

Plastic Shopping Bag vs Paper Shopping Bag, which one is better for environment?

When you are shopping in supermarkets or grocery stores, you will often be asked by the cashier:” do you need a plastic bag?” or “ would you like paper or plastic bag?” It seems a simple question, but actually it would be a difficult choice for some people who has great environmental consciousness. Know more about Plastic Shopping Bag recycling and Paper Shopping Bag recycling will help you better answer this question. Which one is better for environment? SINOBALER shares information with you at

Municipal Solid Waste Recycling - SINOBALER

Municipal Solid Waste (MSW)—more commonly known as trash, rubbish or garbage—consists of everyday items that are discarded by the public, such as food and kitchen waste, paper, glass, bottles, cans, toys, Tetra Packs, fabrics, clothes, batteries, electrical appliances, TVs, computers, construction and demolition waste, medical waste etc.. 

See more Municipal Solid Waste details and Municipal Solid Waste recycling at

What baler to choose for small-scale recycling? - SINOBALER

Sinobaler, as a baling machine manufacturer, we often receive such kind of question from our clients who are just starting to run a small-scale recycling business: what baler should I choose for a start-up recycling business?  We have more answers at

Hydraulic System Maintenance - SINOBALER

Generally speaking, a hydraulic baler is comprised of three major parts which are the machine body frame, the electric system and the hydraulic system. This article will focus on hydraulic system maintenance which plays an important role in making sure of smooth and long-last operation of hydraulic baling machines.  Please check more details about hydraulic system maintenance at

Types of Plastic in Recycling - SINOBALER

Almost all plastics are recyclable. Here are the 7 type of plastics. Because of the different chemical component, the usage of the plastic products is also different. SINOBALER has the answer of which plastic can be recycled and how to recycle them. Check more details at