Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Cardboard Box Recycling / Carton Recycling

How to recycle cardboard box waste? SINOBALER shares 3 popular recycling ways for your home decors. Also you can see how baler is working during the cardboard box waste recycling. Check more details at

Sisal Fiber Baling and Recycling

Sisal fiber is popular in some industries like paper industry, cordage industry and carpet industry. See how sisal fiber or sisal hemp is recycling and how SINOBALER baling machine is working for such recycling at

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

How to improve waste recycling? - SINOBALER

How to maximize waste recycling benefit or save cost during recycling? There are four points you must know and do it. Please see details at

What kind of metal scrap can be recycled?

What kind of metal scrap can be recycled? Aluminum and steel are most popular ones. Check details at

Cardboard tube/paper tube recycling from SINOBALER

Cardboard tube or paper tube are very popular recycling materials. Normally they can be shredded first and then baled into tight bale for cardboard or paper recycling. 
More details at