Thursday, August 14, 2014

The Difference Among Strapping Tools

Strapping is an essential process in making bales. There are plastic straps, hemp rope, and metal wires available for binding up the bale. Most people in solid waste recycling business prefer plastic strapping materials over metal wire, out of cost consideration. 

For joining plastic straps together, strapping tools are necessary. In general, there are three kinds of strapping tools available, which are Manual Strapping Tool, Electric Strapping Tool and Pneumatic Strapping Tool.

Sinobaler Manual Strapping Tool
The Manual Strapping Tool is composed of two parts: a clamp and a strainer. It has to be used together with metal strapping buckle and is the most economical option as it is manually powered and structure is simple. 
Sinobaler Electric Strapping Tool

The electric strapping tool supplied by SINOBALER is driven by electricity. There are two BOSCH lithium batteries inside which are rechargeable and can be charged by 100-240V voltage, either 50 or 60Hz, single phase power. Sinobaler's Electric Strapping Tool efficiently tightens, friction buckles and straps automatically with the push of a button. It is a fast, safe and simple, greatly improving efficiency.

Sinobaler Pneumatic Strapping Tool

Sinobaler Pneumatic Strapping Tool requires air pressure created by an air compressor. If you would like to use this tool, you need to prepare an air compressor. The sealing type of both electric and pneumatic strapping tools is the same which is friction weld. The driven way is the major difference between these two strapping tools.

Type of Strapping materials:

Two type of Strapping Dispensers:

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