Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Cotton Waste Reuse

Cotton is a natural cellulose fiber, which is one of the oldest and most used natural fibers applied in various fields in the world today. It is a main composition of paper and textiles.

In the first modern industrial, cotton articles are used to make paper. Later, people also make paper by recycling old paper and using wood pulp. However, paper made from wood pulp is lower quality than made from cotton. Cotton paper is much more durable and long lasting than wood pulp paper. Cotton can also be easily recycled together with old paper, into new paper.

Waste cotton can be made into high quality fabric and yarn. The cellulose fibers in cotton are long, thus cotton textile is quite durable. Some cotton waste recycling facilities work in this way: Firstly the manufacturers source raw waste worldwide and meanwhile control the material quality. Secondly these cotton waste is carded in multiple steps into very fine forms, and eventually the cotton waste becomes a wad-like substance which is suitable for spinning yarn. At the beginning of the spinning process, the recycled waste cotton is ground and then transported to the spinning machines. Thereafter, the waste will be produced into finer yarn by the spinning machines until a desired consistency and weight is reached. Eventually, the yarn is stabilized by several processes that imbues the yarn with required quality. The finally recycled yarn can be used for knitting or weaving into a variety type of fabric.

During the process of transporting waste cotton, many manufacturers use hydraulic baling machines to compress the waste cottons and make into neat and dense square bales so that their transportation cost, loading and unloading cost, storage cost will be greatly saved. SINOBALER lifting chamber baler is a good choice for making your large volume loose waste cottons into high dense square bales.If you are interested in baling cotton waste, please check our video of lifting chamber baler at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3uIMwJuNgt0 or twin chamber baler at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yF9eN9gp5Hw  for more detail information.

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