Friday, July 4, 2014

Banana Fiber

From the fruits to the flowers and the leaves, every part of the banana plant can be put into some kind of use. While we eat the banana fruit, the plant also provides us with valuable fiber. Fiber can be extracted from the bark of the banana tree and then be used to make various products ranging from decorative items to paper and fabric.

Among the wide uses of banana fiber, making into fabric is one of the most important and most beneficial thing. It has become a popular raw material for making high quality textile.

Banana fiber is the best natural fiber which is eco-friendly and chemical free, compared with high-cost synthetic fiber and any other organic fiber, banana fiber features healthy, economic, water, heat and fire resistant, grease proof, totally bio-degradable, stronger spinning ability and tensile strength, light weight, smaller elongation, strong moisture absorption ability and fast moisture release ability.

Banana fiber is mainly made up of cell tissue and bonded by natural gums and its appearance is very like natural bamboo fiber, but banana fiber is much finer and stronger spin ability than bamboo fiber. The cloth made from banana fiber is very comfortable to wear and reduce off the scorching heat because it has cooling effect, and this kind of cloth does not shrink and the colors do not fade after wash. The fabric can be made of 100% banana fiber, or blended with other fiber like cotton to make it more durable.

For example, Saris is one kind of textile product made from natural fiber like banana fiber. In Philippines, people use the banana fiber to make shirts and other dresses. In Japan, the history of using banana fiber for cloth can be date back to at least 13th century.

In the banana fiber business, many banana fiber manufacturers face a lot of difficulty in transporting the finished banana fiber and difficult for loading and unloading, and also takes them a lot of space for storage. All of these difficulties are because they are transporting and storing the banana fiber without baling. SINOBALER provides you suitable and ideal baling solutions to solve all these difficulties and saves your transportation and storage cost. For example, SINOBALER Multi-purpose Vertical Baler is a good choice to make bale weight ranging from 20kgs to 100kgs. Or many other balers are available for different bale weight expectation.

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