Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Waste Plastic Bag Recycling

In our daily life, we can see all kind of plastic bags everywhere. Plastic bag almost becomes one part of our life. Surely it brings a lot of convenience to our life; however this convenience also causes long time harm to our earth and human beings. We call this kind of disaster as “White Pollution”.

Plastic bags are not only creating visual pollution to people as they can be easily seen scattered around the city streets, in the tourist area, water, roads and railways, but they also create potential harm. Plastic’s structure is very stable and it is difficult to be degraded by natural microbial. It will exist in the natural environment for long term without degradation. This means if we do not collect the waste plastic bags properly and recycles, they will become the contaminant in the environment and accumulate as time goes by and create great harm to environment.

Landfill for the plastic bags actually is not a good way because the plastic bags take up a great number of land, the land which were taken up cannot get recovered, thus affect the sustainable utilization. The plastic bags under the land will need around 200 years to degrade according to expert.

Baling machine is helpful equipment for recycling waste plastic bags. It can compact your large volume of plastic bags into small and uniform dense bales, thus reducing the waste storage space and saving transportation cost, also easy for recycling. Many models are available from Sinobaler for handling all range of waste plastic bags, including vertical baler and horizontal baler, automatic baler and semi-automatic baler.

SINOBALER Manual Tie Horizontal Baler

To save our environment and make our world beautiful, please do not discard waste plastic bags anywhere any more.

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