Monday, March 14, 2011

How to recycle waste tyres/tires in a efficient and cost effective way

As recycling is playing an increasingly important role in industrial and manufacturing processes, baler, as en effective recycling equipment, is becoming more central in giving waste materials a second valuable life. A proper baler/baling machine can help greatly increasing your company’s revenue on recyclable waste, and can produce a positive Return On Investment) within a relatively short timeframe.

With the rapid development of the world’s economy, more and more people buy cars which in return result in an increasing amount of used/broken tyres/tires. Unlike other tire recycling options available in the market which require very expensive start-up and operating cost, tyre baler is a quite cost effective solution for waste tyre recycling.

As a pioneer baler manufacturer in China, tyre baler manufactured by SINOBALER is capable of compressing more than 100pcs tyres into one single bale measuring 1500 X 800 X 1300mm with approximately one ton’s bale weight. The dense, well-shaped tyre bales are widely applied in civil engineering as road foundations, lightweight embankment filler, drainage layers, etc.

In-depth research, study and consideration have been given in the manufacturing process of tyre baler. As hydraulic equipment for recycling tyres, the kind of material with high rebounding force, tyre balers from SINOBALER enjoys following features and benefits.

- Auto Chain Bale Ejector

for automatically ejecting bales out of the chamber through the lifting force of the chain

- Two Split Platens with Movable Link

protect the platens from being distorted when the two rams move in different rate under the situation of uneven material loading

-Retractable Retainer Claws

prevent the compacted tyres from rebounding

- Hydraulic-driven Opening Door

ensures operation safety and easy opening & closing

-Front & Back Opening doors

for conveniently strapping and bale ejecting

-Foot Plate

provides a hathpace to the operator for easy material feeding

-CE Certified

-Heat Treated Platen

for prolonging the longevity of the Platen

SINOBALER has established the complete facilities for baler manufacturing in associate with strict quality control system. Each and every machine is thoroughly tested; relative test video will be submitted to clients’ further confirmation before shipment. When you buy from SINOBALER, you are not just buying a piece of equipment but the people behind the equipment. Besides the 13 months warranty, we also have telephone support staff who will sit there and talk you through for trouble shooting guidance. If this is still not enough,our technicians will get back to your request within 24 hours with detailed instructions and solutions

Customers’ satisfaction is key to our business. Contact us today for your optimal baling solution!

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